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Carving Out Your Value

This is the one – the dream candidate.   New resume post.  You’ve got this.

Quickly, you scan the resume, your heart races, you love being a recruiter at this moment, all at once. You remember this feeling and excitedly dial the wrong number the first two times.   It’s that race – you want that prize and BAM! 

Mr. Superstar answers.  

“Hello. This is Mr. Superstar.”

He sounds pretty.  He sounds like Superman.   Turns out that he just started his job search and get this… He hasn’t talked to any other recruiters.  You are thinking, “I should play the lottery at lunch.”  It gets better and better and better – BAM, BAM, BAM!  Superstar submittal, coming right up!

Nice. You did everything right.  You covered all the background check requirements.  You know his availability. Mr. Superstar says all the right things .  You wonder, “Why it can’t always be this good. Can it?  Why isn’t it? It should be.  Right?  Right?” 

“To go nowhere, follow the crowd.” – John Maxwell

Mr. Superstar hung up the phone and his phone rang 11 more times.  He talked to 4 Sr. Recruiters, 1 Recruiting Manager, and 6 new or “green” recruiters.  Let’s add one more full time Corporate Recruiter to that mess –12 calls.  Out of the 12 calls, he talked to 5 people, so big deal because you got your submittal. 


Here’s the big deal.  While you were reformatting Mr. Superstar’s resume, someone else called him and covered him on 4 hot positions.  Moreover, that recruiter carved out his value in the first 2 minutes, again in the 11th minute, in the 15th minute and on the very last 15 seconds of that phone call with Mr. Superstar.   The love is lost, Mr. Superstar doesn’t even remember who you are.

How does carving out your value affect the bottom line?   What does that even mean? 

Mr. Superstar wants to work with someone with integrity, knowledge and skill.  He wants the recruiter that will partner up with him and work with him (not at him, sort to speak) for the best opportunity, this side of Planet Corporation.  In turn he will be open and trusting.  Value comes in the form of personal connection and “how will you get me the best of what I want for now and forever.” If you do all that, Mr. Superstar will remember you – remember your name, remember your company, remember your client, all that.  He will fly back every time you stand tall on the roof of every skyscraper with your arms stretched to the sky.   And, all he needed was to hear your value, not once but multiple times.

Now, as a Superstar Recruiter, what value do you bring to the candidate?  Only you, the recruiter can answer that question – but knowing is a super power and candidates remember the names of Super Heroes.



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